Monday, March 8, 2010

Wet facts a day in March

Women earn, on average a lot less than men. We may do exactly the same job, and even do it better, but still be paid less. Many fantastic explanations are given for this, even for why it should be like this, but none of them should be taken seriously.

«The market sets the salary».

«The boss has the right to give his employees the salary he thinks the employees deserve».

This is what I have to look forward to as a female employee the next fifty years, if I’m lucky. And it doesn’t necessarily take a turn for the better, but for the worse.

We’re discriminated against solely because of our sex, among other reasons because of religious dogmatism, institutionalized through centuries. In many places and areas we’re forced to be our own warden. We’re even enraged when people dare to imply we’re being oppressed.

Burn a bible today, you, too.

Many women, among them Sarah Palin works hard to make it even harder for us, both as employees and in society in general.

We’re still seen as objects of men’s desire, as an extension of men, fifty years after we burned bras and skirts. Most women still accept society’s dogmatic views. The fact that we accept being given our male partner’s name in marriage is merely one of those. Many even kneel before the altar and repeat religious declarations of submission. Sometimes I am tempted, sorely tempted into believing that people aren’t thinking at all.

Lots of men also feel that this is a bad thing, actually. They want, as incredible as it may sound women able and willing to think and act independently, and not be men’s parrot, his doormat.

In my eyes current society is hostile to all humans, to both men and women, but that women have it slightly worse is beyond doubt.

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