Monday, July 14, 2014

Pieces of nothing

  Women today are a pair of eyes, a nose and a mouth… and hardly anything else.
  At least if you look at the faces covered by makeup and retouched on magazine covers so common today and of everybody attempting to emulate that.
  We are supposed to be pleasing and willing and present a smiling surface. From birth through adolescence, school and advertising that’s the message we are told and sold.
  In a society where even some professed feminists refuse to acknowledge the damaging effect of wearing high heels, it’s easy to see we still have a long way to go until true equality is ours to enjoy.
  Oppression of women has never stopped. It has taken on a few new aspects and also kept the old. The rights to free abortion are constantly questioned and attacked. The rape culture is running rampant. The war on women is ongoing. Many women, unable to liberate themselves from their upbringing are even actively participating in the subjugation of both themselves and others.
  The last case going public was that of Jada, a sixteen year old girl being drugged and violated, and then «shamed» (the rapist and supporters shamed themselves) when the image of her drugged and still body was put on the Internet and went viral. Many people didn't support her, but sided with the violator and enjoyed a good laughter at Jada’s expense.
  In Steubenville a major part of the local community supported the football player rapists and not the rape victim.
  In Maryville, Missouri a rape victim and her family had to leave town due to harassment after the case was known. The rapist, yet another football player wasn't even charged with rape and got off with a misdemeanor plea.
  These are cases in the United States, classic, typical cases, excellent illustrations, but this is a world-wide «phenomenon».
  The sympathy is often given to the perpetrator, not the victim. People complain that a given football player’s career is ruined and so on. Their lack of true empathy is staggering.
  These are just a few cases illustrating what keeps happening, and it’s all due to lack of true respect for women. Part of that is we are seen as frail creatures, hardly deserving of proper treatment. My take on that is this:
  We are not made of china. We don’t need special protection, only equal to that of everybody else.
  Another is religion. Religion, among other things is also an attempt at control, also men’s control of women.
  In a culture, segmented over centuries, where males are seen as superior it is evidently easier to excuse brutality against women. That is just more twisted logic, of course, but that’s clearly how many people see it. Some men actually feel entitled to sex, both in a given situation and in general. To them and their apologists it matters little whether or not the girl consents. They have other concerns than the well being of a given girl or woman.
  If you begin researching this subject further, like I did, you will find lots of surprising and shocking facts. The end conclusion becomes inevitable.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Removing your body hair

  It’s a bad practice, the way I see it. It’s typical that most people embrace what is clearly an unnatural act and reject the natural body, pretty much like they have been brainwashed into thinking they prefer the artificial to the natural in most things.
  I see it pretty much as a cultural predilection, like both female and male circumcision, facelifts, cosmetic surgery, wearing high heels and a fairly long list of acts altering your appearance and complying with what is seen as the dominant viewpoint in order to make others see you more favorably.
  Most people today are scared to death to not fit in and to experience public condemnation, and even to not be popular. This certainly is comparable to that.
  I haven’t removed anything, not a single hair and am certainly comfortable with that. But I developed early on a fairly healthy self-confidence about my own looks and preferences. The image I have of myself is not dependent on what others may think of me. I honestly wish others were more like that.

  Insane practices are abundant today, and the reason is very often a low self-image. Current society does that to you, in order to control you better. They offer you fake happiness instead of the true and better version, and you buy that, don’t you, hook, line and sinker. Please get a life! Both you and humanity as a whole will be better off because of it.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions

  The rest of the world should break all contact with Zionism and the Zionists. It is that easy.
  Artists, musicians, filmmakers and authors shouldn't perform in Israel or visit the country. They shouldn't release their product there. No one should. No one should buy the products of people doing it. There should be a total boycott. No politicians should visit or have any contact with representatives for the government and their eager supporters. Israel should be shunned until it ends it inhuman policies against the Palestinians and agree to total withdrawal to the 1967 borders and with all the settlers gone from the Palestinian territories. Israel needs to be pushed and pushed hard.
  Boycott worked with apartheid South Africa, even though the United States didn't exactly support that either.
  One thing is damn certain: appeasing tyranny never works.
  The list of Israeli crimes is long and sordid. It is clearly one of the very worst tyrannies today.

  I, for one, hereby state with conviction that I will never buy another The Rolling Stones record and that I will also speak out against them at every opportunity if they play in Israel.
  This is one of many way too modest acts I will do in order to aid the Palestinians in their struggle against invasion, occupation, apartheid, genocide and countless other horrible acts visited upon them.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cool couple

Bill and Hillary Clinton as students 1972

 Look at that cool couple. It is a photograph illustrating in excellent ways everything that has gone wrong with the world since 1972...