Friday, July 11, 2014

Removing your body hair

  It’s a bad practice, the way I see it. It’s typical that most people embrace what is clearly an unnatural act and reject the natural body, pretty much like they have been brainwashed into thinking they prefer the artificial to the natural in most things.
  I see it pretty much as a cultural predilection, like both female and male circumcision, facelifts, cosmetic surgery, wearing high heels and a fairly long list of acts altering your appearance and complying with what is seen as the dominant viewpoint in order to make others see you more favorably.
  Most people today are scared to death to not fit in and to experience public condemnation, and even to not be popular. This certainly is comparable to that.
  I haven’t removed anything, not a single hair and am certainly comfortable with that. But I developed early on a fairly healthy self-confidence about my own looks and preferences. The image I have of myself is not dependent on what others may think of me. I honestly wish others were more like that.

  Insane practices are abundant today, and the reason is very often a low self-image. Current society does that to you, in order to control you better. They offer you fake happiness instead of the true and better version, and you buy that, don’t you, hook, line and sinker. Please get a life! Both you and humanity as a whole will be better off because of it.

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