Monday, May 5, 2014

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions

  The rest of the world should break all contact with Zionism and the Zionists. It is that easy.
  Artists, musicians, filmmakers and authors shouldn't perform in Israel or visit the country. They shouldn't release their product there. No one should. No one should buy the products of people doing it. There should be a total boycott. No politicians should visit or have any contact with representatives for the government and their eager supporters. Israel should be shunned until it ends it inhuman policies against the Palestinians and agree to total withdrawal to the 1967 borders and with all the settlers gone from the Palestinian territories. Israel needs to be pushed and pushed hard.
  Boycott worked with apartheid South Africa, even though the United States didn't exactly support that either.
  One thing is damn certain: appeasing tyranny never works.
  The list of Israeli crimes is long and sordid. It is clearly one of the very worst tyrannies today.

  I, for one, hereby state with conviction that I will never buy another The Rolling Stones record and that I will also speak out against them at every opportunity if they play in Israel.
  This is one of many way too modest acts I will do in order to aid the Palestinians in their struggle against invasion, occupation, apartheid, genocide and countless other horrible acts visited upon them.

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