Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kindred souls

  When I hear some of my friends speak, when I listen to their mundane, unimaginative talk I feel even more lonely, but most of all I despair over how little even fairly intelligent people like them have truly grasped of the world. They are, I’m sad to admit usually fooled by the most common and transparent propaganda, and don’t feel the need to break out of their confines to search for the true freedom awaiting them beyond the thin veil of the oppressive society. When they don’t understand the world, they don’t understand me and without that understanding and simple awareness there can be little common ground and true friendship.
  It is said you don’t choose your friends and I guess that’s true. Most friendships grow more out of circumstances than from choice, and true friends are rare. It isn’t sufficient merely to spend a lot of time in someone’s company. You do need to have a somewhat similar view of the world and yearn for the same things.
  I agree with Marylyn French: Loneliness isn’t a search for company, but a longing for kindred souls.

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