Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer is over

  I like all seasons. They are change and encourage change, but in today’s oppressive society summer is clearly the best.
  It isn't because of the high temperatures, even though I love those, too. The foremost reason is the most obvious: I can more than anything be human. There is not work, not school, but weeks of relaxation, of embracing everything still great in life.
  I can say fuck it to all the trappings of society and that always feels good. Most people aren't able to even imagining a completely different life, but we are.
  We swim, swim a lot, we dive deep into the forest and the night, enjoying every single second of our life, celebrating it in all forms. We know it is temporary, even as we are very aware that it shouldn't be, shouldn't be that at all.
  School is shit, both in its foundation and execution. It’s just a place where you educate robots, mold people into slaves better suited to perform in the harsh existence as an adult. I want to quit school, but I hold it out, because the alternative: being without a higher education in today’s cutthroat society is even worse.
  True learning is nothing like this, this pale imitation of it. If anyone wanted to study anything it should be because they wanted to, not because they feel brutally compelled to do so.
  So, while I seek and enjoy every radical environment I can find in this tiny Scandinavian village of mine, I keep torturing myself with the words and actions of others.
  Summer is over.

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