Friday, December 25, 2015

Poor man’s way of enjoying art

  There is one part of the bit-torrent and free download of music and movies that hasn’t been mentioned much, amazingly so.
  It’s a major equalizer in so many areas.
  It gives people that wouldn’t otherwise be able to pay for experiencing music and movies a great opportunity to watch and listen and not give a fuck about the inflated official prices set by wealthy and oppressive movie moguls and record producers.
  Giving them the finger is so much fun, on so many levels. Recently, for instance the show The Blacklist was pulled from the more law-abiding torrent sites because of yet another horrid court order, but I just switched to a torrent provider that doesn’t give a shit about court orders and was still able to download it.
  There are still segments of the Internet where lawlessness rules, where people reject unjust laws on a matter of principle, and I love that, just fucking love that.

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