Friday, August 13, 2010

Fading skeleton girls

It's getting increasingly unacceptable to me, the beyond skinny models that have become the idol, the model for generations of girls.

When Tyra Banks, in a prime time American television program hails a girl that is so thin that she may drop dead at any moment I want to puke my guts out, and not because I fear I've eaten too much.

Women with healthy forms are scolded for being fat. What is this shit? Did anyone cry distorted values?

Look at the girl above. Will there be anything, anything at all left of her in a few months' time?

We, the female of the species have always been controlled, one way or another in the patriarchal, macho society, but it's getting worse, not better, in many ways. They have just found sneakier ways of controlling us.

The skeleton crew of the modern female won't get any respect from me, and doesn't deserve any.


  1. Ah yes, continued infantilization in magazines & media..& any excuse to exploit young girls..